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Server Deployment

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It goes without saying that we all need to save, organise, share and protect our data. But how we go about doing so really depends on our business set up.

Whilst most of our clients use software as a service (SaaS) cloud-based storage, such as Dropbox or Google Drive, there are some cases where having an on-premise server is preferable. For instance, if you're a video production house or photography post production company storing and sharing huge files, it may be faster to do so if stored locally on a computer in your office. This is known as network-attached storage (NAS), enabling high-capacity storage from a centralised location.

Initial tech consultation

Before carrying out any server deployment, we first ask some basic questions: How many people are likely to use it? How much data do you need? How quickly do you need to access your files? What hardware do you currently have in place, and is it up to the job?

Planning for the future

We carry out an assessment of how much space you currently use, and how much you may need in the future. This calculation helps us work out how much storage you need on your server, and ensure the proposed device has the ability to easily upgrade if needed.

Building, securing and monitoring your server

We can build a bespoke server infrastructure that enables you to rapidly access, collaborate and share files on site without slowing down access to the internet for the rest of your team. We also ensure everything we build is backed up and monitored, so you're never at risk of losing precious data.

“This network-attached storage project for our New Look photography studio went really well. I’ve got to be honest, for such a complex piece of work I expected there to be more issues. The occasional thing crops up and is dealt with quickly, but generally everything just seems to work, which is what you want!"

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James Coburn
Technology and Infrastructure Manager at New Look