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Quick Shift (Data Migration)

Swift, Secure Data Migration!

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Are you looking to quickly and securely move large amounts of data from your on-premise server or storage device to the cloud?

LeftBrain's 'Quick Shift' is a white glove data migration service that ensures it's business as normal as the shift takes place, without compromising your office bandwidth.

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How does Quick Shift work?

A LeftBrain engineer will personally deliver a secure server to your office. Once on site, we will configure the large storage device and compute module on your network. This enables us to copy all root level folders and data from your server to our encrypted LeftBrain storage device.

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Secure collection and transportation

Once the sync is complete, we will collect the server and securely transport it to our London based data centre. From here, our team will upload your data at an ultra high speed to your chosen cloud provider.

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Syncing to the cloud

Once the sync is complete, we will verify that all the data has been copied to your corresponding cloud folder structure. We will have left a compute unit at your office, which will be used to sync any changes or additions that have been made since the data migration process begun.

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Making the Quick Shift!

Finally, we will make the shift. On a predetermined date, we provide you and your team access to the cloud data and remove access to the old server. Your users will now be able to work efficiently and collaboratively in the cloud.

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Our cloud migration project went really well. It was seamless, we never had any loss of efficiency. LeftBrain were super quick to respond to all the challenges, and were in constant contact with us finding ways to improve things.

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Celine Smith
Managing Director, BrandMe