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Responsive Helpdesk

Our Senior Strategist, Steven, wearing a red had and talking on the phone using ear pods.

Whether it’s a problem or just a “how do I…” question, our friendly responsive Helpdesk is on hand via desktop chat app, phone or email.

With an average response time of 3 minutes, our Helpdesk system pairs your query with the most appropriate engineer and enables you to speak in real time with a real human. Whether it's problems with your email and passwords, accessing a file on the server or getting that pesky printer to work, our Helpdesk is on hand to help.

We also keep track of your most common queries, and develop a Knowledge Base of articles and top tips for your team and new starters. This is unique to your business and workplace set up, helping to streamline and improve your systems and ways of working.

"We love LeftBrain! Our IT has never run better since they took over. They have the answer for every IT and techy question we ever have. Their response time is super fast and to top it all, they are all really lovely people."

Black and white headshot of Celine Smith
Celine Smith
Managing Director, BrandMe