Technology for humans

LeftBrain provides ambitious teams with wonderful workplace technology. We keep systems (and the people who use them) happy, high-performing and secure.

Founded in 2009, we have designed, delivered and maintained digital workspaces for hundreds of organisations, enabling many of them to grow (as we have) from ambitious startups to established enterprises. We put together a tailored tech roadmap for each of our clients, taking time to get to know their team, understand their ways of working, then recommending the best tools to get the job done.

Our team is agile, qualified, and fun to work with, with competencies in strategy, information security, human support, and infrastructure. We offer a range of ongoing services and one-off projects, which can be mixed and matched to achieve your individual business goals.


Our mission is simple: to give each member of your team a remarkable digital workplace experience.

We do this by:

  • Getting the basics right,
  • Building trust and respect,
  • Challenging the status quo,
  • Reducing friction,
  • And ultimately, making people happy.
A memoji of Alan, LeftBrain's Chief Technology Officer
Alan Avins
Chief Technology Officer
Andrew Dobson
Systems Deployment Specialist
A memoji of Ben, LeftBrain's Strategist
Ben Carrick
Bethia Naughton-Rumbo
Head of Marketing
A memoji of Charlie, LeftBrain's Chief Information Security Officer
Charlie Naughton-Rumbo
Chief Information Security Officer
A memoji of Clare, LeftBrain's Accounts person
Clare Lichfield
Head of Accounts
A memoji of Daniel, LeftBrain Director
Daniel Bangs
A memoji of Dayne, LeftBrain Support Team Lead
Dayne Deedat
Help Desk Team Lead
A memoji of Dustin, LeftBrain's Head of New Business & Projects
Dustin Rhodes
Head of Business Development
A memoji of Hluby, LeftBrain Support Engineer
Hluby Lebisi
Support Engineer
A memoji of Jason, LeftBrain Support Engineer
Jason Hinrichsen
Support Engineer
A memoji of Josh, LeftBrain Support Engineer
Joshua Simpson
Support Engineer
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
Information Security Analyst
Marco Foglia Taverna
Technical Engineer
A memoji of Mariam, LeftBrain Tech Support All Rounder
Mariam Mulla
Tech Support
A memoji of Mauricio, LeftBrain Strategist
Mauricio Iannini
A memoji of Michael, LeftBrain Director
Michael Jin
Michal Gawronski-Kot
Infrastructure Engineer
A memoji of Raj, our LeftBrain Jedi
Raj Ramdeo
Onsite Support Lead
A memoji of Sean, our Senior Support Engineer
Sean Lewis
Infrastructure Engineer
Steven Hartmann
Lead Strategist
A memoji of Troy, our Tech Support All Rounder
Troy Twumasi
Tech Support
A memoji of Vitor, a LeftBrain Support Engineer
Vitor Dias

Enough about us…

What do you do? Who’s on your team? What are your values? What’s your mission, and how can we help you achieve it?