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Security Operations

Our Director, Daniel, pointing at something on a laptop, with our Lead Information Security Architect, Charlie, looking at the screen

Our security operations service focuses on monitoring and defending our clients’ information systems and infrastructure against security threats.

This involves the continuous monitoring, analysis, and response to security events and incidents to continuously improve the security posture of your business. 

Incident response

An 'incident' is when a safeguard has been breached, and the confidentiality, integrity or availability of an information system becomes jeopardised. This could be anything from someone clicking on a phishing link through to a device becoming infected with a virus.

Endpoint detection and response

Our team of information security experts monitor potential threats using an EDR (endpoint detection and response) solution. If anything suspicious is noticed, we will investigate and remediate the incident, before analysing it and coming up with ways to mitigate or prevent the breach from happening in the future.

“I would highly recommend the LeftBrain team. They are fast, responsive and knowledgeable. Their help desk is easy to contact and issues are resolved quickly. In fact, I don’t hear much about our workplace tech, which is a good reflection that things are working well!"

Black and white head shot of Carl Pearse
Carl Pearse
Chief Technology Officer, Super Payments