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Auditing & Documentation

Strategist, Kaho, chatting with Information Security Architect, Charlie. They are looking at their laptops, and sat at a table.

Auditing and documentation is a vital part of us getting to know your business and internal tech needs.

At the start of any project, we take time to fully audit your systems, highlight any problems or security holes and map out all the areas that could be improved.

When relevant, we visit your physical office space to check out your equipment, ingest all of the data provided by your previous IT company, and take over sole access to your admin credentials in order to implement security procedures.

LeftBrain Dashboard

Our custom-built LeftBrain Dashboard helps us to document your tech audit, keeping track of how many users you have, where they sit in the office, what devices they use, what software they have access to and more. We also create 'how to' guides, giving your team access to all the information they may need from how to use the office printer through to what your security procedures are.

"We feel very lucky to be working with LeftBrain. Our Strategist has gone above and beyond: he’s clearly interested, invested and thoroughly understands our business. We’ve worked very closely with various members of the team: the engineers are incredibly good at their jobs, and are also really lovely!"

Black and white headshot of Poppy Bryanton
Poppy Bryanton
Integration Manager, Brainlabs