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Monitoring & Alerts

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Our advanced monitoring service enables you to keep track of your devices, networks and servers at all times.

For a select group of clients that require on-premise servers and bespoke workplace infrastructure, our monitoring service enables you to know the real-time status of your devices and networks. We keep an eye on your server health, alerting you when upgrades or back ups are required. We also monitor which business devices are being used and who has access to which services, suggesting ways to improve your security posture if required.

More often than not, you'll hear very little from us! We'll just crack on with monitoring your systems and making improvements, and only alert you if absolutely necessary.

“In previous companies I’ve worked in, the IT department is constantly harassed and everything seems to be very technical and complicated. Working with LeftBrain is a completely different experience. There’s no doubt that their solutions are very complicated, but the team does a brilliant job of making everything seem very simple. Often they just get on with fixing issues without us even noticing, which keeps things running seamlessly.”

Black and white head shot of Ed Saper
Ed Saper
Co-Founder, Pai Skincare