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Cloud Migration

Our Strategist, Ben, sat on a yellow sofa with a laptop on his lap talking with our Senior Strategist, Steven.

The cloud is where it’s at!

An internet based service, such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon Web Services enables you to securely host all of your data securely online.

The majority of our clients have migrated to the cloud as it can be more cost effective in the long run. Rather than hosting all of your data or services onsite and constantly ensuring your physical server is up to scratch, the cloud makes collaborative working and data storage easier, accessible and more secure.

“Our cloud migration project went really well. It was seamless, we never had any loss of efficiency. LeftBrain were super quick to respond to all the challenges, and were in constant contact with us finding ways to improve things.”

Black and white headshot of Celine Smith
Celine Smith
Managing Director, BrandMe