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Knowledge Base Dev

LeftBrainers stood and sat around a table, sat at their laptops smiling and chatting

Build and evolve a library of help content to enable your team to get instant answers to common workplace questions.

As part of our onboarding process, a LeftBrain strategist will spend time on premise doing a thorough audit of what devices you use, what services you access and what your internal processes are.

"We were very pleased with the onboarding process, controls and ongoing operations. LeftBrain is a high calibre and responsive team."

Black and white headshot of Car Pearse
Carl Pearse
Chief Technology Officer, Super Payments

We take time to document every thing we find: what your stance on security is, what your onboarding process is like, how you book meeting rooms and more. Some of our clients have very niche requirements, such as an architecture firm needing vector files configured and synced between computers, or an animation studio needing remote access to files on an on-premise server.

Once you are in the hands of our support team, we will keep track of your most common queries and create documentation or suggest services to streamline your ways of working.