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On-Premise Networking

Group of LeftBrainers chatting in the office, some stood up other sat at laptops

Networking is more than just making new friends. It's the hardware, software and protocols that enable communication and workplace connectivity between devices within a network.

LeftBrain offers network solutions for businesses of all shapes and sizes, including enterprise. First, we undergo a process of discovery: finding out how many users there are, what your office layout is like, and whether Software Defined Networking (SDN), or Zero Trust Architecture (ZTNA) is appropriate for your business.

Bespoke network solutions

For smaller businesses, we often install a small Ubiquiti UniFi network with a router, a few access points and a network switch if ethernet access is needed. For larger businesses with hundreds of users at varying times throughout the week, a bespoke set-up is recommended. We assess what network devices are required, such as computers, servers, routers, switches, modems and firewalls. We then put together a network topology, mapping out the physical or logical layout of the network across your offices and buildings.

After a process of consultancy, we work out the throughput and levels of security the business needs. For example, if your business relies on video meetings and VOIP we would ensure these services have a higher priority on the network opposed to all other traffic (e.g. downloading files, social media and web browsing). If you want to have a super secure network setup, we can configure user specific access to the Wi-Fi along with a multitude of security devices to protect your network.

"I've worked with LeftBrain for many years. The team really understands our working environment and does a great job of recommending what we need, when we need it. They resolve issues pretty darn quickly!"