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Google Workspace

LeftBrain office: a large room, with the team sat around on chairs and sofas. They are chatting and looking at laptops.

Google Workspace has a range of apps and services that make working together a whole lot easier.

From using your branded email via Gmail and storing and sharing files with the Google Drive, through to video meetings and shared calendars, the Workspace enables teams to collaborate together in real time. All of these services are cloud based, which means they can be securely accessed from any location or device.

Google Cloud Partner

LeftBrain is an official Google Cloud partner, which means we can manage your licence and tenant and have the expertise to help you move to, build and work in the cloud. We become admins on your account without the need to buy an additional licence, and reduce the number of invoices coming to your accounts team.

“The migration to Google Workspace went really well. It was seamless, we never had any loss of efficiency. LeftBrain were super quick to respond to all the challenges, and were in constant contact with us finding ways to improve things.”

Black and white headshot of Celine Smith
Celine Smith
Managing Director, BrandMe