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Mac-based security and systems that “just seem to work” for New Look

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“LeftBrain were brought on board to remove a headache” explains James Coburn, Technology and Infrastructure Manager at New Look. His team takes care of a predominantly Windows based workplace, and he was looking for a tech partner to oversee and develop their growing Mac estate. “I would probably describe myself as an expert in Windows,’’ James says, “but we rely heavily on LeftBrain’s advice when it comes to Mac support and security”.

Secure and scalable systems with zero touch deployment

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Our LeftBrain team consulted with New Look’s in-house security and infrastructure team, putting together a bespoke tech roadmap for seeing their Mac based security to match their Microsoft based systems. We then overhauled their Mac department, developing a highly scalable MDM (mobile device management) infrastructure that was up to date with current standards and built around zero touch deployment, so devices could be seamlessly distributed to the growing team.

“I first worked with LeftBrain many years ago,” explains Gary Clewlow, who is IT Service Manager for New Look. “They rolled out 100 new Macs at our support centre in London, and then created a new Jamf server to enable this deployment to take place on an ongoing basis. Nowadays, we tend to have monthly meetings and really feel that the LeftBrain team understands our working environment and does a great job of recommending what we need. Whenever we’ve had onboarding issues, we’ve worked with LeftBrain to resolve them pretty darn quickly!”

High performance, network-attached storage

Having delivered so successfully over the years, New Look asked LeftBrain to oversee the specialised technology required to bring their photography studios in-house to their London-based offices. We designed and built a solution which enables them to have NAS (network-attached storage) along with high performance workstations and workflows that keep their data safe and instantly at hand.

“This photography studio project went really well,” says James. “I’ve got to be honest, for such a complex piece of work I expected there to be more issues. The occasional thing crops up and is dealt with quickly, but generally everything just seems to work, which is what you want!”

LeftBrain continues to oversee the workplace technology for all of New Look’s Mac based devices and systems, keeping them up to date with the latest security guidelines and offering highly personal user support with twice weekly office visits. Our engineers also visit their of “I really do recommend LeftBrain,” says Gary. “We’ve got another project we’re hoping to work on with them later this year, and continue to have peace of mind that our new Mac starters have the prep, kit and support that they need”.

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