Workplace tech consultancy

Experience an unbiased evaluation of your company's internal tech infrastructure and systems. Receive a comprehensive post-consultation report along with recommended next steps for optimising your business.


Our consultation process

"What stood out to us about LeftBrain was that they could offer bespoke tech solutions that were right for our processes, our users and our clients. We spoke to various other IT providers, but they offered a one-size-fits-all approach."

Poppy Bryanton
Integration Manager, Brainlabs

Areas included in the review

Your LeftBrain consultant will undertake a thorough analysis of your workplace tech set-up and internal business processes. The areas covered in the scope of our review include:

On-site infrastructure
Devices and device management
Cloud services
Security governance, risk and compliance

"LeftBrain’s proven knowledge of the workplace tech space remains unparalleled, making them an invaluable partner in our success journey."

Doug Redo
Director, Global Service Desk & IT Services, Zendesk, Inc.

"The LeftBrain team really understands our working environment and does a great job of recommending what we need, when we need it."

Gary Clewlow
IT Service Manager, New Look

Benefits of LeftBrain consultancy

Receive an unbiased assessment of your workplace technology, benchmarked against industry standards.
Establish a clear baseline for your current tech setup and receive actionable steps for future developments.
Understand the ways your business processes can be streamlined, to improve overall operational efficiency and effectiveness.
Discover how to leverage technology and gain a competitive advance in your industry.
Benefit from a dynamic framework that fosters ongoing improvement and adaptation to emerging technologies.

Our consultation package

Our consultation package is £1,499, which includes a comprehensive workplace review and post-consultation report with recommended next steps.

Book your initial consultation

Before scheduling your workplace review, we first recommend booking an initial consultation for us to better understand your business and technology needs.

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