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.it is dead, long live

AI generated image of a laptop, which looks like it's exploding in colours of orange and black, with bright green bubbles on the screen. In the centre of the screen is a black circle, illustrating the death of our old website as it evolves into the new one.

The day has come. We've decided to change our domain from to As we’ve evolved over the past 15-odd years into a workplace technology consultancy, we feel "IT" is too narrow to describe the work that we do (and we hate the connotations of that label).

Think IT company and you see guys in bad suits, with bad hair, operating offices with rows and rows of boring grey boxes, doing equally boring work. As an "end user", when something goes wrong, you file a ticket, or sit in a phone queue. Thanks for your message. Your call is important to us. You get through to someone you've never met, who doesn't know you or what you do, you'll email back and forth to finally connect with a "service desk analyst" who’ll probably fumble around for half an hour before you get through to someone who can fix your simple problem.

LeftBrain is the anti-IT company. We are a team of real humans, with a genuine, infectious love of tech. We take advantage of the latest technology, helping our clients collaborate better, win more business and stay secure. When you contact our helpdesk with a problem or a “how do I….?” question, you chat with a trusted, friendly team of likeminded people who are ridiculously technically gifted and fun to be around.

For us, the .io domain feels like the right fit. Nominally assigned to the British Indian Ocean Territory, tech companies and startups have gravitated towards the domain because of ‘io’ being a common abbreviation for input/output (describing how computers communicate with the outside world). It also looks way cooler than .it, which we think is a perfectly good reason to make the switch.

If you are currently a LeftBrain client, rest assured! Our responsive helpdesk and the services you know and love are still in full operation. But we wanted to make you aware that we can do more for you. With ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials qualifications, we have designed, delivered and maintained secure digital workspaces for hundreds of businesses and have competencies in strategy, information security, and infrastructure.

From 1st October 2023, our emails, website and social handles will use the io extension, marking an official end to our association with IT. However, we’ve set up a redirect (just in case you use our old domain by mistake).

Long live!

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