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Certified cyber security and scalable tech systems for Super Payments

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Super Payments has a vision to disrupt the payment system as we know it, and offer free payments to businesses and more rewarding shopping for members. At LeftBrain, we love challenging the status quo and were delighted to help Super Payments carry out their mission with a scalable and secure workplace technology.

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“We were looking for a trusted partner who could own and operate our workplace tech in a highly regulated industry” explains Carl Pearse, Chief Technology Officer at Super Payments. “A friend and LeftBrain client recommended them to us, and we were impressed by how they put forward toolsets and controls that aligned with our budget and could be rolled out quickly and efficiently”.

Partnering with LeftBrain was more than just a cost cutting measure: it was a strategic decision to provide the best possible service to their team, with the highest possible security.

Putting together a tailored tech roadmap

We worked with the Super Payments leadership team to establish their specific requirements, which were centred around strong identity management and device trust. With a fast-growing team, it was important to build a remote workplace environment that could be scaled quickly and to ensure their cloud based apps could be accessed securely from devices in any location. With all their business needs in mind, we put together a bespoke corporate tech roadmap.

Delivering cyber security and a scalable tech system

We set about building an identity management system for Super Payments’ many services, including Mac and Windows hardware, with technical trust controls to ensure their devices and access to services always met their strict security requirements. We then configured their systems with SOC 2 Type 2 auditing in mind whilst eliminating the risks associated with using service organisations and other third parties.

"We were very pleased with the onboarding process, controls and ongoing operations. LeftBrain is a high calibre and responsive team."

Black and white photo of Carl Pearce
Carl Pearse
Chief Technology Officer, Super Payments

Ongoing support and security for a modern, remote-first, cloud based company

With their devices and cloud-based systems up and running, we now work with Super Payments to deliver ongoing compliance monitoring and a rapid response help desk, so that any of their team can get help with anything tech related from the comfort of their laptops. As the business grows, we continue to consult around their systems to make sure they meet their security and operational needs.

Carl says: “I would highly recommend the LeftBrain team. They are fast, responsive and knowledgeable. Their help desk is easy to contact and issues are resolved quickly. In fact, I don’t hear much about our workplace tech, which is a good reflection that things are working well!”

Carl Pearse
Chief Technology Officer, Super Payments

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