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Cyber Essentials Plus certification and tech support for Forpeople

A colourful Four People team photo, with half the team stood up on a platform, and the other half sat on chairs.

Forpeople is a creative agency with work that speaks for itself. Their projects range from defining brand visions to building identities and designing experiences. With an increasing number of clients requiring them to be Cyber Essentials Plus certified, LeftBrain was brought on board to provide security guidance and seamless tech support.

Previously, Forpeople had their own internal workplace tech team, but found when they had a turnover of staff or people were on holiday it caused disruption to their systems. They simultaneously reduced costs and improved service levels by establishing a hybrid tech team, with an in-house engineer focussed on in-person support, and LeftBrain taking the lead on strategy, helpdesk, security governance and incident response. We also built a workplace infrastructure fit for the purpose of passing Cyber Essentials Plus.

Cyber security and outsourced tech support

With their certification in place, we continue to support the team in London and Amsterdam to keep them in line with the latest cyber requirements. This requires us to always be ahead of the game, looking out for the latest security threats specific to their business. We also provide ongoing support for their cloud based infrastructure at a high level, working hand-in-hand with their in-house tech team so their creatives can focus on coming up with the visionary ideas they are here to make real!

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