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Zero touch onboarding and security consultancy for fast-growing, global agency Brainlabs

BrainLabs office photo, with people sat at computers in the background. In the foreground, a group of people are sat on sofas looking at laptops and chatting.

Brainlabs are on a mission to build the biggest digital-first media agency in the world. They hire the top talent in the industry, and give them the right training, tools and culture to do their best work. That’s why LeftBrain was brought on board – to ensure their workplace infrastructure was scalable, secure and easy to use.

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“Acquisitions are a big part of our growth” explains Brainlabs Integration Manager, Poppy Bryanton. “We needed to find a way to seamlessly integrate new businesses into the Brainlabs family, along with their systems, software and processes. In alignment with the growth we were seeing elsewhere in the company, we wanted to mature our workplace technology and processes too.”

Brainlabs first approached LeftBrain for a one-off project for their UK team of about 300. Two years later, we provide ongoing security and tech consultancy for a growing team of over 800 people working in offices and remote locations around the globe. Not to mention, they also have excellent taste in names (great minds)!

"What stood out to us about LeftBrain was that they could offer bespoke tech solutions that were right for our processes, our users and our clients. We spoke to various other IT providers, but they offered a one-size-fits-all approach."

Black and white headshot of Poppy Bryanton
Poppy Bryanton
Integration Manager, Brainlabs

Building a scalable and secure workplace infrastructure

As has become increasingly common, Brainlabs started to get requests from their clients to be ISO 27001 certified. With their highly tech-literate team and ambitious growth plans, we designed systems that balanced security and compliance with the needs of users to perform at the highest level. We rolled out a highly customised device management (MDM) system allowing for zero-touch deployment of apps and settings. We put in place next generation anti-virus solutions, secure identity management and, so their contractors can work from their own devices, we also built a Zero Trust Network Access solution.

“Since working with LeftBrain, our onboarding process has become considerably faster” explains Poppy. “We used to sometimes manually set up 30 laptops at a time, with each laptop taking anywhere between 30 and 45 minutes. With LeftBrain’s zero-touch deployment, we often just hand a new member of staff a box with their laptop in it. It’s saved me a lot of time (and my sanity!)”

Ongoing end-user support and security consultancy

Having delivered so successfully on this initial project, Brainlabs engaged LeftBrain to provide end-user support to the whole of the UK and, with our US partners, to do this globally for over 800 users. When their own internal help desk was ready, we supported them with training and information security consultancy. We continue to support their cloud based infrastructure at a high level, so they can focus on building the business and providing end user support.

"We feel very lucky to be working with LeftBrain. Our Information Security Strategist has gone above and beyond: he’s clearly interested, invested and understands our business. We’ve worked very closely with various members of the team: the engineers are incredibly good at their jobs, and are also really lovely!"

Poppy Bryanton
Integration Manager, Brainlabs

The love is mutual! Here at LeftBrain, we are incredibly proud to continue on this journey with Brainlabs, as they have gone from having little workplace infrastructure through to having their own in-house IT team, and robust set of core systems. We are poised and ready to help with the new and evolving challenges they face on their path to world domination.

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