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Tech Show London 2023

Large crowd of people, stood on the Tech Show London stage

At this year’s Tech Show London, there were big questions being asked. How can we keep our data secure, when technology is advancing at such speed? How can we protect our businesses from cyber attack? What does the future of Cloud technology look like?

With a record-breaking 22,500 people in attendance across the two days at ExCel London, business leaders and enthusiasts were brought together to discuss and explore the latest innovations and trends that are shaping the world of technology.

With some 500 speakers across 16 stages, I was particularly interested to find that security was top of the agenda. There was also talk around the challenges of hiring and keeping the top tech talent, which now seems to go hand in hand with being offered flexibility in how and where employees wish to work.

As Chief Technology Officer at LeftBrain, I have seen an exponential increase in demand from clients requiring hybrid work environments since the pandemic. With this shift comes an increased security threat to business, with so many workers consuming data and accessing cloud-based services remotely from often compromised networks and devices. Which is why our LeftBrain Information Security team works to ensure our clients’ devices, cloud infrastructure and development and deployment processes are secure. We also highly recommend security standard certifications such as ISO and Cyber Essentials, to ensure their systems are protected and provide assurances to their clients that they are trusted partners.

As we consider the future of technology, it is clear that it will continue to advance as fast as ever and we need work in staying ahead of the curve. As always with great advancements come great challenges, and security is something that needs constant attention. With more and more sensitive data being stored and transmitted online, cyber threats are becoming more advanced and intelligent.

I’m all about embracing new technologies, but we must also remain vigilant in protecting ourselves from cyber threats. By taking proactive measures such as encryption, robust security infrastructure, and secure DevOps practices, we can ensure that our data remains secure and our businesses protected.

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Chief Technology Officer
13th March 2023
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